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Which version of Firefox works best with Windows 2000?

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I have an old Dell PC running Windows 2000. I am looking to change my browser from IE 6.0 to Firefox. Which version should I use for this?

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You can still run the latest version of Firefox on Windows 2000 - I recommend you the latest release (7 ATM)

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If you have less than 1GB of RAM or don't have a P4 processor, your best bet would be Firefox 3.6.23.


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Windows 2000 w SP4, Processor :Intel Celeron @ 800MHz/ 512Mb RAM, 2 Seagate 160 GB IDE drives, and Firefox 11. I only upgraded to FF 11 because some web sites were "nagging" me. Maybe I upgraded too far - FF 11 is just too feature laden (read: too top heavy for an old machine). I just downloaded FF 3.6.28 but wanted to make sure I wasn't creating a whole new set of problems before installing it.

About half the time I get a crash dump when trying to print a web page from this pc. I can roll across the room to an HP XP PRO desktop and no problems.

Yes, this is an old vintage Gateway (remember them?) gal but it serves a particular purpose in my home network as a print server, a SCSI card support platform for a desktop scanner, and it is the only PC in my network with 2 optical drives: a CDRW and a DVD R/RW for burning/duplication duties. Plus it has an old 3.5 inch floppy and a few USB ports. And it provides a resting spot :>) for my Linksys WRT54G router. This machine can't run anything newer than IE6 and most web sites won't work with IE6 or, they tell me to come back after installing IE8 (which won't work on this machine). And I don't particularly care for any flavors of IE...too "hinkey."

So what say you? Will FF 3.6.28 be the best choice for this model T machine?

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