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Save image doesn't remember last location saved for Firefox 7

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This only started happening with Firefox 7, all previous version worked fine. When using "Save Image", Firefox will not remember the most recent location in which images were saved. It will instead randomly choose prior locations in which images were saved. When saving images, I save them in different folders to sort them properly, but firefox never remembers the most recent one used. This is INCREDIBLY ANNOYING because if I want to saving a group of images in a common folder, it constantly forces me to navigate to that folder instead of remembering the location of that folder from the last image saved there.

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yaggle, for future reference, you can access the configuration file by typing about:config in the Location Bar (address bar). You'll get the warning message, This might void your warranty!. If you're not scared off by that, you can access the file and read through it or edit it. You can search (fliter) for specific terms, such as browser.download.lastDir.savePerSite. For a lot more on the configuration file, see


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The Boolean pref browser.download.lastDir.savePerSite doesn't exist by default (it is hidden), so you need to create a new Boolean pref yourself with the value set to false to disable that feature.

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Download Helper is great. The best add on of all is CacheViewer. Next, I'm going to have to see if it is compatible with FF 11

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I personally feel that FF 11 is unstable. If you install it, do so in a separate directory from your current installation so you can revert if need be.

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Multiple Firefox Installs

I often have multiple copies of Firefox installed. That tends to be considered an advanced topic and is not covered by the Firefox KBs, they do not even cover Aurora and Beta use!

Note in addition to doing a custom install into another Directory it is also wise to use a separate unique profile for each version of Firefox. It probably also helps to have separate shortcuts to start Firefox. Additionally if you wish to run them simultaneously all versions other than the chosen default browser could make use of the -no-remote command line argument.

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Firefox Releases should not be unstable. A couple of things you could do to help the developers is.

Developers are also working on improving hang detection and reporting of hangs.

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