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How can I get multiple web pages to display in tiled or floating windows?

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Tabbed browser windows are one way to have multiple web pages open at once. But if you want to see multiple pages at once, there doesn't seem to be any way. How can I tile, cascade, or otherwise have multiple pages appear in floating windows?

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You can always just open a new Firefox window at the same time. You can do so from the File menu or by pressing ctrl+n (ctrl+t is for new tab). If you're using the orange Firefox button, it's shown in a sub-menu when you hover over New Tab.

If you want to tile or cascade your windows you can do that via a built-in function of Windows: http://www.tech-recipes.com/rx/188/xp_vista_tile_cascade_minimize_windows/

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I know I can have multiple instances of FF running, but this isn't what I want. The typical use is, view page A in tab 1, then view page B in tab 2, then want to compare them.

It may even be possible to open a new instance of FF with a specific page, but this still isn't what I'm looking for. Microsoft Visual Studio is an example of an app which allows you to have multiple windows visible, and to have them tabbed, tiled, or floating.

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Opening new Firefox windows does not start a new instance; they're all running from the same Firefox process. You can open as many windows as you want and each can have as many different tabs as you want. You can even convert a tab to a window by just dragging the tab down and out of the tab strip, or you can even drag a tab between two different windows' tab strips. Firefox is designed to support multiple windows.

If what you're looking for it to specifically split one window's view into multiple, there are a few different addons you can try that do that: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/search/?q=split

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I agree that new FF windows are not a new process, although they are definitely a new instance of a FF window.

Your suggestion on dragging tabs to new windows is useful, but awkward at best. As soon as you click the tab to drag it, the old window obscures the new target window.

I don't think the splitting a windows would accomplish what I want. The capability needs to be built into FF.

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Tab groups don't do what I'm asking. I want the windows associated with the tabs to be visible at full size.

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