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Firefox is freezing everytime I do something, like opening a link in a new Tab. I have this problem since I updated to FF6.

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It feels like FF is loading something and freezes. I have only four Addons installed:

  • Adblock Plus
  • All in One Sidebar
  • Firebug
  • Web Developer

Even when scrolling down a page it happens sometimes. It just freezes and I have to wait... I don't have this problem with the IE and Chrome.

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After upgrading to Lion things went terribly wrong. Firefox was freezing for 30 seconds or more everytime I did something: opening a bookmark, going to another URL etc. Tried all sorts of things suggested here and on other pages. The only solution left was throwing Firefox away (and all its files), download and install a new version, re-install the extensions, the search engines and finally get the passwords out of my backup of Timemachine. I had to take 4 different files: key3.db, signons2.txt, signons3.txt and signons.sqlite and put them into (User) Library < Application Support < Firefox < Profiles < ....default

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I went back to 5 a couple of days ago couldn't deal with 6 any longer now I keep getting those "update reminders" but not ready to try it again . I have good AV I use Kaspersky so I'm not concerned about the FF msgs. Perhaps in a couple of weeks I'll ck back & if 6 looks like its better I'll try again but not now

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I am using FF7 (for about 5 minutes until it freezes). First page opens, but subsequent one does not. I get the same message that FF is still open, and it appears in Processes, however, the process cannot be stopped. Requires rebotting. More than frustrating. All add-ons are disabled.

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This is really sad. Since 6 came out I have tried upgrading to every version including 7, with no luck at all. Why is it so difficult to open this site: http://www.newyorker.com/humor/issuecartoons/2011/09/05/cartoons_20110829#slide=1

?? Sites are slow to open, some just freeze altogether when trying to open.

Now I'm beginning to wonder if I'll ever be able to upgrade FF.

Mozilla has really shot themselves in the foot.

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I narrowed the problem down to Firebug. When I disable that, all works fine. When enabled, I got the tab problem and yahoo does not load emails. See this thread: https://support.mozilla.com/en-US/questions/851938?s=yahoo+mail&r=30&as=s

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I found that the top section of the scroll bar or select a tab on the top section of any page did not react to the cursor. So I disabled the Yahoo toolbar and now everything is working OK . I am not sure how the yahoo tool bar came to active as I did not activate it so it must have been after an update ?

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