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How do I change the timezone in which firefox is set?

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My email, and other time stamped online transactions are always 3 hours behind my actual time. The time on my laptop itself is set correctly but on firefox the time is always 3 hours behind the actual timezone in which I live, Eastern Standard Time. Thank you!

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You can do it in your profile...Can't tell you right now how to GET TO YOUR PROFILE, but I did it there. Keep looking around and when you find it get back to us and let us know where the genious from Mozilla hid it! The default time for Mozilla is PST...the arrogant west coasters! . This answer is from IE9, because Mozilla's 6.0 problems drove me back to IE9 :-(

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Go to: https://support.mozilla.com/en-US/home

Click on the "Sign-In". Once you are signed in, go to the drop down next to your "name". Click on "Edit profile" and set your local time zone!

Still from IE9

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