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Is this how Firefox is supposed to be on XP?

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So I downloaded the newest version of FF on my current XP computer (which btw, I hate XP, I miss 7). The browser looked about the same as it did before the update (still not as nice looking as the FF on my Vista computer).

But, the "orange Firfox button" showed up (image) , but it looks to be formatted wrong.

Now it is gone (image) when I open FF again and it looks about the same as before the update. I am wondering if this is how FF should look on XP or if there is some kind of error. I really wish it could look like how it's supposed to look on Vista, but I am not sure if XP allows it.

Please let me know.


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Common Questions after Updating Firefox

Check and tell if its working.

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Thank you, that link helped.

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