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How do I get rid of Firefox 6.0? Tried system restore and that didn't work. I want 5.0 back

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You seem to have no answers on how to back out the recent update. Apparently I have no choice but to switch to Chrome or Safari

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Yes, I tried system restore, too. I think it got corrupted by 6.0. What I did (running Windows 7 Professional) was to uninstall Firefox, (keep the bookmarks etc which is in a separate file) and then Google to find a 5.1 download site that Mozilla hasn't taken down. I found one, installed it, and everything is back the way it should be. I'm leaving 6 alone!

Oh - one more hint--when you DO download the right version, save it to your documents file. If you ever get messed up again, you can just uninstall the bad version and reinstall 5.1.

Được chỉnh sửa bởi MizLiz vào

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That seems to have worked. Thank you

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No, system restore could not be corrupt by Firefox, more than likely you have not been keeping a restore point before you are loading new software. There are programs that create restore points for you but they sometimes do it poorly.

I don't know why MizLiz is so gun hoe on staying away from version 6 but maybe someday will ask for help with that problem. FF6 is a great step forward in browsing the Web, sure there has been some issues but they can be sorted out, give Sumo a chance to help.

When you are ready to try again, come on back and step up to the future.

But if you are content with moving to Chrome or Safari, be sure to keep them up to date.