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Firefox will not import bookmarks, etc. from Opera

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I have been using Opera (version 10.63) without problems for a long while. I decided to switch to Firefox, but wanted to import my Opera bookmarks, etc. When I follow the directions to do so - File>Import>Opera>next- I am presented with an empty window indicating that there are no items I can import. The Help article says there should be a series of choices presented here, as there is if I choose Internet Explorer.

How can this be corrected?

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I saw the same, but it's not a problem, if all you need is bookmarks, see

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Try to export the bookmarks in Opera as an HTML file and import that file in Firefox.

See also:

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Importing bookmarks and other data from Opera

Check and tell if its working.

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Thanks to all who responded to my request. I'm afraid, though, that none of the suggestions were useful. The last one, from mha007, suggests that I try the very thing that I'm querying. When I do as suggested all I get is a blank window, with no choices presented. When I try the same thing with Internet Explore it works fine.

The other 2replies suggest a "work-around", collecting the bookmarks as an HTML file, and trying to capture that. This doesn't answer the problem as to why I can't get Firefox to work as it is supposed to. I think I'll avoid the hassle and stick with Opera

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Were you able to export the bookmarks in Opera to an HTML file?

If importing from Opera doesn't work then you need to import the bookmarks via an HTML file.

What do you mean with "as to why I can't get Firefox to work as it is supposed to." ?

In what way is Firefox not working properly?

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<What do you mean with "as to why I can't get Firefox to work as it is supposed <to." ? <In what way is Firefox not working properly?>

Firefox has a menu, when one clicks on "File" , one of whose choices is "Import". When that is clicked the "Import Wizard" screen appears, which says you can "Import Options, Bookmarks, History, Passwords, and other data from" and then gives you the choice of either Microsoft Internet Explorer or Opera. When I choose Microsoft it does exactly what it says it will. When I choose "Opera" I am shown a blank screen. Ergo, Firefox is not working properly, and I wanted to know why, and how to fix it.
Whether or not I can import bookmarks in an HTML file is irrelevant.

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