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How do I block Buzzdock Ad from popping up every time I do a search? There does not appear to be anything to grab for Ad Blocker.

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I do a search and results are displayed. I select something and in the time it takes to click ok on a searched item a Buzzdock Ad box appears at the top of the screen and your ok selects an ad in the Buzzdock Ad box. How do I add this to Ad Blocker as I cannot find any link to block? Thanks

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I suggest contacting their customer support directly. I searched for Buzzdock in Google and I saw that they had a Support Page so that might be worth a shot. I hope this helps!

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I had this problem too after updating to Firefox 6. Every Google search was preceeded by that annoying Buzzdock thing, appearing just in time to get clicked instead of the first result.

This is in fact caused by a Firefox Add-on called "Yontoo Layer" which is part of PageRage, so you just need to uninstall this one and the problem is solved:

Go in the "Firefox" (or "Tools") menu; Click on "Add-ons"; Select "Extensions" on the left; Search for "Yontoo Layer" on the right; Click on its "Remove" button; Restart Firefox.

I just did a Firefox fresh install on a VM, and this add-on wasn't here. So I don't really know how we all got it. :(

Được chỉnh sửa bởi Izu_uzI vào

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I have this problem too. If you didn't install buzzdock, then someone must have downloaded either PageRage or other programs that are affiliated with Yontoo Layers. Bascially some programs are bundled with other programs, it is the users responsibility to check if they wanted the program installed. Before you install the program there a few boxes that are checked that includes programs such as Buzzdock or DropDwonDeals.

If you need to disable Buzzdock go here and find out how itl explains how to disable or uninstall it. The best way is to just disable it the program.

How to remove Buzzdock:


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Được chỉnh sửa bởi valkerine vào

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Im not sure about firefox, but this is how i removed mine from Google chrome.

Go to Youtube.com Sign in Go to -Inbox Go all the way down and should see "Disable Buzzdock"

This should disable buzzdock ads everytime you do a google search.

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Buzzdock also has the dock on over 40 Web domains. Im not going to list it here.

But you can check it out here: http://adf.ly/1027680/how-to-remove-buzzdock-from-google

Plus I also added a video on how to disable Buzzdock on all web domains.

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If anyone have issues removing Buzzdock please feel free to go here on how to remove Buzzdock from all web domains.

How to remove Buzzdock: http://adf.ly/1027680/how-to-remove-buzzdock-from-google

Được chỉnh sửa bởi valkerine vào

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You can go here and check out how to Disable Buzzdock and the entire Yontoo platform that supports Buzzdock and other applications:

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I solved my problem by removing "yontoo" from add or remove programs

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Firefox removal: in the top left corner click on firefox, click on add-ons. Remove or disable Yontoo. Finished.

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