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How do I disable the stay or leave web page pop up,ANNOYING AS HELL!!!

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At one point every tab I had open had this message(Do you want to stay or leave.I could not get this pop up to behave.It just kept coming back before I had a chance to close the Damn Page.I had it set to Private Browsing.I had to shut down my system.Wouldn't you know it? Apon restart of Mozilla it decided to bring back all the unclosable web pages.I WON THE BATTLE but I will not tolerate it happening again.HOW DO I DISABLE,UNINSTALL,REMOVE,OTHERWISE GET RID OF THIS PROBLEM??????IT WAS ALSO REDIRECTING ME LIKE MAD.

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DITCH FIREFOX FOR GOOD???????????????????/

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Is my Firefox problem a result of Malware ?


Check and tell if its working.