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Last several upgrades, I cannot PRINT. Nothing happens! Wife can print, same home network, with older version.

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Neither the menu Print nor Ctrl-P will bring up a print dialog from FF. My other programs work fine. This started a couple of months ago. I update whenever possible and go to Beta as requested. Shows I'm in 6.0 and the "Beta Update Channel".

Just now, I pasted that diagnostic info and saw that advice! OH!!

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Disable the HP Smart Web Printing add-on and see if that is the cause.
If not, try the reset described here:

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Thank you, Edmeister! That HP software has been useless since the day it was installed. I don't much use that printer, now, but, when FF was printing, it would print to either network printer, as selected, when that dialog used to pop up.

SINCE posting my problem, I have determined that I can "work around" by rebooting FF in Safe Mode with none of the add-ons. I tried deleting a couple I suspected but that hasn't helped, so far. Some, as you know, don't seem delete-able unless, maybe, through Windows. So, I'll keep experimenting until I can identify which one is causing my print dialog not to appear at all. Guess I'm the only one in America with this problem!  :/