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Firefox 5 is slow, unresponsive, hangs constantly

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Ever since I upgraded my Windows 7 desktop to Firefox 5 it has been a nightmare! It hangs, freezes, is unresponsive more often than working. I have to us my laptop, still on FF4, to post this or risk being totally grey before I could finish posting. I see by the comments that I am not alone in having this problem, but do not see any offered solution. Do I have to revert to FF4 to use my desktop or is a solution forthcoming?

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The problem is so bad since I had Windows 7 installed in a complete rebuild that I had to switch to Chrome. Unfortunately, Firefox has some niceties that I really miss in Chrome, and I stopped in here to see if they posted any responses about what they're doing to fix the problems. Then I read that Firefox is no longer going to give support after a certain date, so I guess I might as well get used to Chrome. Thanks, Firefox, for a great browser up until now. It's disappointing to have to use a different one, but not the end of the world.

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I been using firefox for 2years this seems like the worst update ever i have slow response and hangs sometimes crashes very displeased :( i hope they fix this or ill be using Google Chrome from now on.

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I have been recommending FF for ten years, well, no longer. Hero to Zero comes to mind. How to take a great product and trash it. Whatever the reason, it is now rare for me to even attempt to use FF, everything has been said elsewhere here but I would like to add one more point. The most valuable resource any person has is TIME. We all pass this way once. When a company wastes someones time its irrecoverable no company should be allowed to waste it. It used to be Microsoft and its arrogance to customers, but Microsoft always did that (Also destroyed Netscape) but Firefox was a company that delivered, I guess the purported $100,000,000+ annually from Google helped, I also guess that Chrome stopped all that (and duplicated the developer addons). I wasted 2 hours trying to get FF to run, so its bye bye Firefox, hello Chrome, Opera, Safari...Firefox joins the ranks of crapware along with MS IE.


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