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how do I uninstall Surf Canyon

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Surf Canyon Search has taken over my Google, etc search bars. I would like to disable or uninstall it but I can't find it in any of the add-on menus. Please advise.

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Hi, not sure if this will help you or not but I'll post what I ran across while just looking around Firefox's About:Config utility. Just type in About:Config in the address bar. You will get a warning to be careful in proceeding with the utility. Click on I'll be careful. I promise. Now either scroll down to the "S" section or type in surfcanyon in the Filter Box. You should see a plethora of surfcanyon entries. Look for the string surfcanyon.disabled You want the boolean value to be true. Right click on surfcanyon.disabled'and then click on Toggle. The boolean value will now read "false" This SHOULD disable surfcanyon from running completely. Now I do not have this surfcanyon running on my Firefox 3.6.17 and I don't feel like getting it or the problems with it, so I am loathe to start changing values just to test for a problem I don't have. If it ain't broke, don't fix it kinda deal. However, logically this should solve the problem you are having. It's worth a try in my opinion. I successfully stopped plugincontainer from running using the About:Config utility. That memory hog was driving me nuts. I wasn't sure what it was or why it was running but it was also crashing constantly. I didn't know the About:Config util even existed before. Glad I stumbled across it. Hope this works for you as well. Good luck!

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Yep, thanks CarrieBe123. I did similar. Accessed About:Config as CarrieBe123 suggested. Then set all values referring to SurfCanyon to "false". Then selected Firefox > Tools. Surf Canyon then appeared (before it was invisible and thus impossible to unistall) in the dropdown list as an addon. It could then be uninstalled in the regular way.