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which version of IDM supported by firefox 5.00 ?

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Few days ago i update my firefox from 3.60 to 5.00 , But i'm facing few problems.I use IDM(Internet Download Manager) for downloading files.After updating my firefox ,i install IDM 6.05 which i used before with firefox 3.6o without any problem.But after installing IDM 6.05 with firefox 5.00,it is not catching download from firefox.I watched the Add-ons page,it says "IDM CC (7.2.8) is incompatible with firefox 5.0"But i need this extension/Add-ons for download.So what can i do or which version of IDM i should install for supporting firefox 5.0 ? If i'll not get the solution i have to install firefox 3.60 again.Please help me quickly.

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IDM supports Firefox 4 versions. http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/

Firefox 5 hasn't been released yet, scheduled for Tues June 21 @ 7 PM PDT.

You can use this add-on to "bump" extension compatibility for Firefox 5, and if that add-on works properly, report it as such.

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Just keep using "Firefox 4.0.1" until a fix from "Firefox" or a new compatible version of "I.D.M" comes along , If ever ? "Firefox 4.0.1" works perfectly with "I.D.M version 6.05 Build 14..(April/25/2011) That way there is no need to enter any extra or altered code via the error console.

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The fix is going to have to come from IDM, Mozilla doesn't fix or update products made by other companies.

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IDM CC 7.3.1

This is the solution

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how to add this file for IDM

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New tab > Open file . This is how to open that file.