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I can not see my bookmarks in older version, how can I see them or How can I get pervious version??

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After updating to latest version of firefox 5. I can not see my bookmark, I tried to read help section but can not find out what is wrong? Can any one help me get my bookmark back? Or go back to older version? Cheers

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Updating from 4.0 or a beta version of 5.0. I think about now a release candidate may be in use, I've not checked. Go up one level in your profile directory to see if there is a profile directory that you were using before.

A beta version would typically use its own application libraries and you would be responsible for the profile -- it should be different.

A release candidate would typically install in your production application libraries, and you would not let installation start Firefox for you, but start Firefox with normal start later.

Finding your profile Alt+H (Help) > Troubleshooting Information or just tupe about:support then next click on "Open Containing Folder" button in the troubleshooting report.

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A possible cause is a problem with the file places.sqlite that stores the bookmarks and the history.

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Hi guys thanks for your help but unfortunately it did not help me, I think the bookmarks are in there somewhere but I can not find them. I tired the help you both told me to do, but still I can not fix the problem. Can I go to previous version of Firefox instead of using the latest version. Cheers