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Open second window without restoring tabs

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Firefox 4/Windows 7: I have the Startup options set to "show my windows and tabs from last time". This works fine when I first start Firefox.

However, I often want to open a second Firefox session (window) -- this allows fast switching back and forth with keyboard shortcuts and also makes the second session independent of some processes running in the first session. When I open the second session, Firefox attempts to restore all the tabs the were open from the previous session (not the one that's already open; the tabs from whenever it was last closed).

When I open the *second* session, I don't want those tabs from the previous session. Instead, I want a blank tab so that I can open some new site.

So is there a way to to have Firefox open the tabs from my previous session when I first start it, but not do this if Firefox already is running and I'm opening a new window?

As an alternative, I could set Firefox to start with "show a blank page". If I did this, is there any way to save tabs and get them back in cases where I know that I will want to reopen all these tabs later?

Thanks in advance for any advice!