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Checkpoint SSL Network extender stuck on Java applet when using firefox 4.0.1

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I use check point SSL network extender on my mac to access my company's VPN. Since upgrading to 4.0.1, I get the message "Please confirm the use of this Java applet and then refresh or reopen the window.

If you have already disapproved using this applet, you might need to restart your browser before attempting to connect again" I'll accept, refresh, wait, and then the message comes back. I never get through. I just uninstalled 4.0.1 and went back to 3.6.17 and it's working fine on the old version.

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The first thing I notice is that you are using Firefox 4 and that is now out of date, it is not considered secure so it would make sense to upgrade to Firefox 5 (Or Firefox 6 if you read this after the 16th)

You mention Firefox 3.6.17, and although Firefox 3.6 is still (for possibly only a limited time) supported I believe the current version is 3.6.20 (it is certainly at least 3.6.18) so again you are using an out of date version. I am not a Mac user but IIRC some of the recent updates were Mac specific and fixed Mac problems, possibly problems relating to Java.

If you wish to use more than one version of Firefox to test problems developers tend to use separate profiles and custom installs but for ordinary users it may be worth considering firefox portable versions. (that tip is applicable mainly to Windows users, no doubt there is also a poratable version for firfox5 Mac users somewhere)

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I updated to firefox 6, and the SSL Network extender gets stuck on connecting... The last version that works properly is 3.6.19. As soon as I go to 3.6.20, it no longer works.

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Sorry I do not use a Mac or this software. All I can suggest is making sure that your SSL Network extender is up-to-date and asking whether that plugin is intended to be compatible with Firefox 6 & Firefox 3.6

Obviously others are reporting they have problems, lets hope someone else can post a solution.

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I had this problem using Firefox 11, the problem was Java!

Quit browser and uninstall Java then go to Java.com and install latest version. Problem solved hopefully