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Print function not working propery

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  • Trả lời mới nhất được viết bởi jscher2000

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Question Since the automatic upgrade to 4.0.1 when I select print and try and change the properities of the printer (ie change to quick print from normal) I get an exception error. This did not happen in 4.0 and does not happen with IE. My printer is a lexmark 3100 series.

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In case your printer settings have become corrupted, try the quick fixes in this thread:

Recently unable to print from Firefox after update-- can print from everything else. | Firefox Support Forum | Firefox Help

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Thanks jscher2000, I tried resetting all entries for my printer. After restarting Firefox the same thing happened. Must be something else.

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It seems there are lots of problems with Firefox 4.0.1. I guess I will just live with my problem.

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My default printer is a PDF printer driver. Not practical for everyone, I know, but if you aren't going to roll back to Firefox 3.6, it might be useful for you when you need to print.

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In my situation, Firefox (4.0.1) appears to set the paper size for the printer to a very small size ("Organizer J") at intervals. Consequence is a 20 page printout on letter size of a 2 page document. Have not yet isolated when/why this occurs, BUT, it has happened after letter size has been selected, successfully used, and successfully re-used.

If nothing else, were Firefox software team to ensure default paper size selection is reasonable according to tenor of system / print driver that would be useful and helpful.

Được chỉnh sửa bởi breeve vào

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@breeve, I think that might be one of the glitches addressed in this MozillaZine knowledge base article (unofficial but very useful site):


Try the first step (reset printer setting) first.