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using google.de as search engine

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I have set google.de as 1st search engine, dropped all others. When I do a search, google.com is called up instead of google.de which switches to US location search results. A manual call in the URL field works correctly. I checked that google.de is stored as selected enigine. I also tried to reset the keyword_URL field. No change in behaviour. I could not located where "www.google.com" is stored as url for the search .

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more options

Try doing it this way.

  1. In the location bar, type about:config and hit Enter.
  2. In the filter at the top, type: keyword.URL
  3. Double click it and remove whatever's in there. You'll see it revert to "Default" and "String". (it sounds like you've done this already, but wise to check)
  4. Go to File | Exit
  5. Restart Firefox, go to the site you want to set as your homepage.
  6. Go to Tools | Options | General.
  7. Make sure it says "Show My Homepage" in the first dropdown menu.
  8. Click the button called "Use Current Pages" to set the homepage to the one you have on the screen.