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How to save Tab groups for later browsing

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Can tab groups be saved so that when I launch Firefox next time all previous tabs will be there ?

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The "Add Bookmarks" solution above will help some but suffers from the following deficiencies: 1. Once all the tabs are saved, if you open additional tabs in the same tab group and then close the tab group for later work, the additional tabs are not saved in the group - you need to add these as bookmarks individually to the bookmark folder before closing the group. Likewise, tabs deleted from your open tab group are not deleted from your bookmarks folder - you need to delete them individually from the bookmarks folder. 2. The only way to open a group of tabs contained by a bookmark folder is to open it inside an already existing tab group - a separate tab group with the corresponding label and physical size/position you gave it originally is not automatically opened. We need to be able to add/remove tabs at will, open and close groups with their most recent tab set, name, size and position as defaults. 3. The ScrapBook feature is pretty much useless for similar reasons

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I work around this by: Doing the save bookmarks folder option. Then right click that folder in the bookmarks menu and click "copy" Open an doc editing software, MSWord etc and paste it there. Each bookmark is pasted with the web address. This can be saved and emailed or used at any time later on.

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I'm currently on Firefox 12.0. In some previous release I was able to have tab groups in my Bookmarks. I could mouse over the group name and it would give a list of the web pages included in the group. I could either open indivdual pages, or click on "Open all in tabs". I don't recall how i created the tab-group bookmark originally, but I can't seem to find that facility documented in the Bookmarks menu. Where did it go?

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I just stumbled upon the answer. 1. Manually display the desired webpages in separate tabs. 2. Close other tabs (if present) that you don't want in the group. 3. Right-click on any tab and click "Bookmark all tabs". 4. Enter a name for the group.

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