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How can I add another "New Tab" button?

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I got the + button next to the tabs. But I would also like to add an additional new tab button next to the Back/Forward buttons. How can I do that? In Firefox 3.6 I could, but in 4.0 can't see "New Tab" in "Customize..." windows.

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You can drag that New Tab button from the Tab bar on the Navigation Toolbar.

You can double-click on empty space on the tab bar to open a new tab.

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I know I can Drap the new button icon to where ever I want, but when it disappears from the tab navbar, and I don't want that. I want to places that the New Tab icon is placed: one next to the tab, and one somewhere else.

It worked fine in Firefox 3.6.

Regarding double clicking next to the last tab, it makes the windows to re-sized, not to create a new tab (when tab navbar is on top).

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same problem... one button is not enouhg... :(

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SAME PROBLEM!! Please help!

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Helper7677! Thank you!

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Seems like it's working... But... I have "FastDial addon" - and it doesn't displaying at new tab, opened by this button... But this is better than nothing. Thanks!

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First of all I am sorry for my bad English.

I have "new tab toolbar button addon" and "FastDial addon" too and it doesn't displaying at new tab, opened by this button.

There is how I resolve this problem:
1. Download "new tab toolbar button addon" from mozilla site: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-us/firefox/addon/new-tab-toolbar-button/ (use "save object as" in your browser).
2. Rename just downloaded file new_tab_toolbar_button-1.1-fx.xpi to new_tab_toolbar_button-1.1-fx.zip (if you can’t see extension ".xpi", you need to set up your explorer).
3. Unpack new_tab_toolbar_button-1.1-fx.zip with WinZIP or whatever.
4. Go to "new_tab_toolbar_button-1.1-fx\Chrome\" folder and open newtab.js with notepad.
5. Find the string:

   var tab = document.getElementById("content").addTab("about:blank");

and change it to:

   var tab = document.getElementById("content").addTab("chrome://fastdial/content/fastdial.html");

6. Save newtab.js and close notepad.
7. Go to one directory up (where the chrome and locale folders are placed).
8. Pack all content (chrome and locale folders, chrome.manifest and install.rdf files) to zip. I named it "new_tab_toolbar_button-FastDial.zip", for example.
9. Rename customized file "new_tab_toolbar_button-FastDial.zip" to "new_tab_toolbar_button-FastDial.xpi".

OK, we almost done..
10. Open add-ons tab in Firefox and remove "New tab toolbar button 1.1" addon.
11. Install our customized "new_tab_toolbar_button-FastDial.xpi addon" and restart Firefox.
12. Profit!

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My Problem is that the new tab button next to the tabs has dissapeared when I used a new one from the customize pallette. how do i get it back?

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Sorry I just removed the one from the palette and it reappeared. Thanks though.