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why won't firefox keep me logged in on mozilla website?

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I came here, registered, went to email, clicked activation link. error reported with link, with suggestion that I clicked wrong link, but it's the ONLY link in the email. Came back to mozilla site, tried my login and p/w...surprise!..got logged in! No checkbox for keeping me logged in automatically everytime I visit mozilla site, but FF will remember login details, si I have to click 'sign in' link everytime, which wouldn't be so bad, but when I'm trying to reply to somebody having issues that I've had before, it becomes more than just a minor nuisance having to reload the page yet again. Is this an intenional thing with mozilla to not have their own browser not automatically logging into it's own site? Is it a site upgrade/suggestion thing? Either way, it's almost enough to make me wonder just what you guys smoke when you design webpages, cos I thought this was supposed to be a "personal, customisable' browser that automatically signed in when visiting a page. There's not even an option for it on the profile page. I am the only one using my computer, so I see no point in NOT allowing it to happen. Is this auto sign in never going to happen for this site, or is it going to be implemented in the near future?