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Firefox won't connect, but IE will, what do I do?

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Firefox is not connecting to the internet no matter what wireless system I try. I recieve the basic "Unable to Connect" error message. I can easily access the internet through Internet Explorer though. - I Use Windows 7 and have the newest version of Firefox - I have uninstalled and re-installed Firefox - I have set the Proxy to "No Proxy" and I have added Mozilla to my basic Windows Firewall - I recovered my computer to when I didn't have this problem, nothing changed - I haven't run special virus programs to check for Malware, but I had NoScript, AdBlocker and Ghostry for Firefox - This happened after I updated Firefox - I know I am not alone in this problem, but the other posts have no helped me

I believe that is all the information (that I can think of) that you will need about this problem. Any efforts are appreciated, and thank you for reading.

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Thank you, however I already went here and followed all of the actions first.

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I had the same problem: IE would connect, but Firefox would not, though it was working fine a few days ago. The other thing that changed in the meantime was that my trial of McAfee Internet Securty Suite expired. I tried all the suggestions on the link (thanks Edmeister), but to no avail. I did have doubts, though, about firewall software, etc.

I have just un-installed McAfee, restarted my computer, and Firefox works fine.

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The solution for me was that Firefox and PCTools adds some sneaky garbage. I went into control panel add/remove programs and removed:

  1. "Browser Defender" (pctools)
  2. PCTools "AntiVirus Free"
  3. McAfee AntiVirus Free

Restart the computer and it works for me....


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