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Can you help me remove Babylon search engine from web address box.

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I made the mistake of downloading the Babylong translation tool, and it took over as default search engine. I have removed the program; removed it from the top righthand search box (google is my preferred and only search engine); removed add-ons/plug-ins (goodness knows what); but when I enter a query in the web-address box, the following comes up http://assist.babylon.com/babylonassista/dnsassist/... comes up. I successfully removed it in IE where google comes up as the search engine.

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You can open the about:config page via the location bar and type babylon in the Filter at the top. Reset all prefs that link to Babylon via the right-click context menu.

See http://kb.mozillazine.org/about%3Aconfig

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Gone! Thanks very much.

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Firstly download a great piece of software from www.iobit.com named, "Advanced System Care" it's free and it's safe, download and install. Open program and within "admin tools" select "uninstall unwanted apps" here you will find babylon hiding the program software and the tool bar that has been hijacked. Uninstall these apps. "Advanced System Care" gives you the option to go deep into your registry and remove anything to do with Babylon, now open Mozilla Firefox and select Tools the open Add-ons this will give you the option now to uninstall Babylon Add-on from the toolbar follow the prompts and restart Mozilla Firefox as prompted. FYI neither CCLeaner or Programs Features within control panel cannot locate Babylon nor can you find Babylon if you do a search programs and files. This is the solution

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Before it do this, per my earlier posts, I managed to remove Babylon. HOWEVER - when I run Spybot Search and Destroy it comes up as a nasty. When I try to remove it, I am told that I do not have administrator rights to do this. According to the set-up on my computer, I do have adminstrator rights. Any thoughts?

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'http://support.babylon.com/index.php?_m=knowledgebase&_a=viewarticle&kbarticleid=78 ' Uninstall Babylon Toolbar - Mozilla Firefox:

1. Click the "Tools" menu in the Firefox browser.

2. Click the "Add-ons" menu item.

3. In the “Extensions Manager” window scroll until you find the “Babylon Toolbar” extension.

4. Click the “Babylon Toolbar” extension.

5. Click "Uninstall".

6. Click “Uninstall" in the "Babylon Toolbar" window.

7. Exit Extensions Manager and restart your browser.

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Very Thanks Bro... Babylon is Very Annoying

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hi guys i never installed babylon toolbar or anything to do with it but ai cannot get rid of it. i have looked for anything resebling babylon and deleted it including doing the about:config way and still it is there everytime i search for something it redidrects me to search/babylon nonesence. I am PEADING with anyone that can give me a solution to my "HELL ON INTERNET"


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FIREFOX USERS! THIS IS HOW YOU DELETE IT COMPLETELY! IT WAS ANOYING ME SO MUCH! Ehow told me how to do it the right way go to..

tools then extensions uninstall and disable everything to do with babylon and anything you dont want i deleted every extention just because i wanted a clean browser exit firefox and then re open it open a new tab and its blank!

thank god for that

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Excellent!! Shouldn't Firefox have this in hand??