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How can I add a URL to the URL bar?

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I accidentally deleted a URL from the URL bar (variously called urlbar, Awesome Bar, address bar) today, and would like to add it back. I can’t see any way of doing so. I’ve tried dragging the page there, typing the URL multiple times, deleting the new links that show up in the URL bar that took the place of the one I deleted, but it’s still not there.

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Interesting question, haven't thought about it this way ... I think the URLs shown in the Awesome Bar are added either automatically, i. e. browsing history, or by adding a URL to your bookmarks. So I assume in your case you may want to access the page with that URL you are missing (but hopefully remember) plus bookmark the page, perhaps even giving some tags you relate to the URL.

If you want to change the behaviour of the address bar or accidentally did, you may have to go to Tools -> Options -> Privacy / Location Bar, or take a look at this http://kb.mozillazine.org/Disabling_autocomplete_-_Firefox .

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Thank you, Wuergler. I do remember the URL—it looks like my only way is to keep visiting it and hoping it’ll turn up, plus delete the wrong ones that keep showing up.

The behaviour is OK by me but I appreciate the link. You never know when it might come in handy!

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Do you mean suggestions that you get when you start typing an URL or the list that shows if you click the arrow at the far right?
That arrow at the far right opens a list of websites that you have typed in the location bar. Al suggestions are ordered by frecency and that means that a link gets bonus points based upon its usage and whether it is a bookmark.

See also:

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Hi Cor-el: thank you again. :) It’s the list that shows when I click the arrow. So would the solution be to keep typing the address in and get the frequency up? (I suspect it would be, as the ones that have appeared in the deleted one’s place, at the bottom of the list, are the next most frequent.)