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Since installing Webroot Security, Firefox regularly crashes - are others experiencing this, and does anyone have any ideas to stop except binning Webroot.

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I have used Mozilla for longer than INternet Explorer and think it's great. However, since installing Webroot Security Firefox has routinely started crashing. Not always in the same place or with certain sites, but randomly. I emailed Webroot who said it's not a problem they have encountered, but they issue reguar updates - blah blah. I usually use Norton which is fine, but we have so many PCs / Laptops at home it made sense to buy a bigger licence product.

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Nemesis1066, can you please provide us with the output of your submitted Crash Reports by typing "about:crashes" into the address bar in Firefox?

Could you also provide your Webroot product version number, your Firefox browser version number, and on what language Operating System you are running (Dutch, English, etc.)?

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I've had the same problem since downloading the new Webroot 10 days ago. I've noticed that the crashing occurs when I open sites that have embedded video or photos that play automatically -- thedailyshow.com, npr.org, etc. I tried reinstalling my Flash player, but that hasn't done anything. Any information on how to avoid this problem would be greatly appreciated!

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Type about:crashes in the URL bar and hit Enter.
Click the hyperlinks to /bring up the Crash Report pages and copy'n'paste the URL of each of those reports into the message box here. We'll see if we can help you figure out what is causing those crashes to happen.

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'I have attempted to use Weebroot several times over the years using FF and IE. Each time I was forced to uninstall it because it caused many crash problems.

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Possible solution - In add-0ns on FF I disabled the Webroot tool bar and the Webroot URL filter. So far FF hasn't crashed since making these changes, hope this helps.

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Thank you thefourthbrother for providing the Firefox crash reports. After reviewing them this is indeed the result of a known Firefox bug which the Webroot Secure Browsing functionality is triggering but not the cause of: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=542040

Since there is currently no timeline provided by Mozilla as to when this bug will be addressed, Webroot is currently working on an alternate method to protect Firefox users which should eliminate the possibility of triggering this Firefox bug, and will provide this new functionality in an upcoming release.

In the interim those that encounter regular Firefox crashes with the Webroot Secure Browsing functionality enabled, and would prefer not to have this added malware protection for the time being, may disable the Webroot Secure Browsing feature in Firefox by going to Tools > Add-ons > and click the "Disable" button on the "Webroot malicious URL Filtering" extension.

An update to this post will be provided by Webroot when the new functionality Webroot is currently working on to prevent the possibility of such Firefox crashes going forward is deployed.

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I bought Webroot last month and wish I'd read this first. It's made Firefox unusable. Webroot's response above was from 11 months ago. No update on a workaround? I did as they instructed, but there wasn't a "Webroot malicious URL Filtering" extension in my add-ons.

It's also making all my browsers lag when I type, causing lots of problems, especially when I try to type passwords.

What a waste of money. I wish I'd stuck with Norton.

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@quitokat -> Perform the suggestions mentioned in the following articles:

Check and tell if its working.