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I try to use save ten or over themes but I found it lost from my themes list, so how many themes that firefox can save?

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From Mozilla Firefox's official website I found many beautiful theme that created by Firefox Contributors. I tried to install it to my Firefox 3.6.13. It had succeed. I tried to add other themes again and again. They had succeed too.

When I manage my theme, I found my older theme was gone. I tried find it at my Add-On, Plugin, Extension, or Theme but it was disappear. I count my theme, they only ten.

It was big question for me: is that true where my Firefox only save ten theme and deleted older theme when we add new theme? How many themes that firefox can save?

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Will Firefox made it to infinity? I think it would be a great ideas if we could save our preferred themes and use it whenever we like instead of opening Mozilla website and search our themes again when we want to use it again.

Hope Firefox could hear my hope....

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I doubt if Mozilla is going to change that number, but there's nothing keeping an addon developer from providing an extension for Firefox that will provide the capability of storing more lightweight themes (Personas).

Here's one, but I don't recommend installing anything connected with Brand Thunder.
Personas Interactive

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Yeah, it had listed as bug on Firefox. I hope it will be fixed and implemented on new Firefox release.

However, thanks for helping me... I appreciate it very much