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My website is http://wealthyinvestorweekly.com. Firefox insists on adding www after http. Result: Server not found. How can this be corrected?

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I have Firefox 3.6.13. I have a new website (blog) with an address that begins with http:// and no www. Firefox insists on adding www to the address and of course I get back a message saying server not found.

I have no trouble at all accessing the site with IE. A major publicity push begins in mid-January and at this moment millions of Firefox users will be unable to reach our site.

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No problem here:

When I type - wealthyinvestorweekly - in the Location bar and use {Ctrl + Enter}, Firefox starts to load - http://www.wealthyinvestorweekly.com - but then changes to - http://wealthyinvestorweekly.com/ - automatically.

Try clearing your Firefox cache and the DNS cache on that PC.
Tools > Clear Recent History... - hit Details and make sure only Cache is selected, then select Everything and hit the Clear Now button.

For the DNS cache.
See this

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That sounded simple and thank you for the guidance. Clearing the cache made no difference at all...and I cleared the entire thing!

I then moved on to the DNS cache. I am on a Spanish machine and do not speak many words of Spanish but I got this message:

La operacion solicitada requiere elevacion. If I knew where to lift it, it would help! Anyhow, I still have the problem. That certainly was not a success message...even with my limited language ability! :)

All the best,


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The site web-sniffer.net shows that the server redirects www.wealthyinvestorweekly.com to Location: http://wealthyinvestorweekly.com/ , so there shouldn't be a problem. It is possible the the DNS servers of your ISP haven't catch up with the change, but that should only take a few days.

You can check the DNS lookup with wdnslookup a program written by trolly, a moderator on the MozillaZine Forums.

More info on trolly's website: http://www.trolly.homepage.t-online.de/tools.html