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Why do some webpages look narrower on Windows 7 / FF 3.6.12

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Hi, There are two questions here: 1) narrow web pages on FF3.6.12 2) distorted font on web pages

I just bought a new lap top, with a 17' screen, running on Windows 7. I am using FF 3.6.12. My older laptop had Windows XP, with FF 3.6.10 installed.

Issue #1 Some web pages look narrower on my new lap top, this one here for example: http://worldconnections.wordpress.com I checked the setting for the browser following the instructions in http://support.mozilla.com/en-US/kb/Websites%20look%20wrong?s=set+font+s..., and they are identical. So, why is the webpage shown differently? Incidentally, it looks fine on Internet Explorer.

Issue #2 The font: on the webpage above, but also on yahoomail, the font looks distorted. Either too small or too big, and that happens inconsistently on the same web page (e.g. in Yahoo mail, the font inside the editor window appears larger that the text on the rest of the page). It just doesn't look the way it looks in FF 3.6.10 on my old lap top, where all the webpages looked the same across browsers.

I know that I can use CTRL+ to increase the font, but it all looks a bit too weird. Besides, when I use CTRL+/- on one webpage. will FF "remember" that the next time I open that page? Thanks PS: I wish there was the option of attaching a screen shot to this post. That would make it easier to explain the issue.