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Prevent multiple tabs from loading on login

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25-29 tabs of sites I previously opened all try to load when I log in, which slows the opening and ability to use Firefox. How do I prevent that from happening?

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You need to change your profile so that on opening you get a pre-chosen home page or a blank page.

The easiest way to do this is with the 'menu bar' visible Tools -> Options -> General That leads to a 'startup' dialogue including 'When firefox starts' Chose the option for a blank page or a home page, instead of previous tabs.

See Startup, home page, tabs, and download settings

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cor-el (https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/user/287) told me about this:

"Tools > Options > General > Startup: Don’t load tabs until selected"

(It's a check-box)

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Good point, if firefox 8 or later is in use
(Currently 3.6 and 9 are supported) and the op was using firefox but that was over a year ago.

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Added a preference to load tabs on demand, improving start-up time when windows are restored