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I uploaded a new font and it does not display in firefox

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I have a website that uses a font that is not a standard "Microsoft" font - I uploaded the font to my computer and it displays just fine in Word and Open Office, but my website does not display it. How do I get FireFox to read the font file I just uploaded? I made certain that it IS available in the Windows\Fonts directory.

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What is the name of that font?

Is that font listed as one of the Default font choices in Tools > Options > Content : Fonts & Colors ?

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No, if it was, I wouldn't have had to ask this question...the font is Dakota. I know that it does work because I have done this before when I had my laptop working and as soon as I extracted the downloaded font into my default font folder on my laptop it worked. The only difference I can think of is that I was using Windows Vista on my laptop and am using Windows 7 on my desktop.

It IS loaded in the C:\Windows\Fonts Directory. Where does FireFox store it's default fonts? How do I add the fonts I want it to use as the default set into Firefox?

Thanks for your help.

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Well, browsers only display "system fonts" unless, in Html 5 you establish the CSS @font to use other fonts.

But, you are sounding like you are not doing that. When you design a webpage on YOUR PC *your* systems fonts will show properly ON YOUR PC because they are *your system* fonts that the browser can find... on *your* machine only.

BUT, all other PCs/Macs/etc. probably do not have your font installed on their machines and the browser on their machines cannot find the named font, so it substitutes best guesses at it from the normally available generally available system fonts. So, when you create a webpage on *your* machine you WILL see what you are creating because THAT font is available to the browser... but only on YOUR machine.

        • Only Solution **** is to use Html-5 @fonts CSS definitions BUT that too is tricky but works. Otherwise you get standard system fonts whether *your* machine displays properly or not.

Hope this helps