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Mouse right-click function doesn't work in Bookmarks (Mac)

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I recently switched from PCs to Macs. No problem downloading Firefox and transferring old bookmarks and other settings, with one exception. With the PCs, when I right-clicked a particular bookmark under Bookmarks I got a series of 12 options (from Open, Open in New Window to Delete, Sort by Name, Properties). I used these a lot to delete bookmarks, change names, alphabetize lists, etc. I can now do most of these things under the Manage Bookmarks setting, but when I right click bookmarks now the new bookmark I click on just replaces the one on screen (ie, the right click does exactly what the left click does). I am using two different mice (Apple Mighty Mouse with Leopard, Microsoft Wheel Mouse with Tiger) and the right click function behaves as expected in other programs. Are these mouse right click Bookmark functions supposed to appear with the Firefox for Mac? If so, any ideas how to resolve my problem?

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On a Mac the menu items on the Menu bar are controlled by the OS and not by Firefox, so that can cause the context menu not to work on the menu bar.

You will have to open the bookmarks in the sidebar or use the Library if you need access to the right-click context menu.

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I've been having the same problem and been searching and searching for a way to tweak the system with no success. But what you said, ' the Menu bar are controlled by the OS and not by Firefox', is very interesting but I would like to know in more depth how it actually works that way. Why the MacOS controls the menu bar? And is it normal for other applications? I probably cannot remember how menu bars work in other apps. Regards.

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Can someone explain to me why it's possible in Chrome on Mac, but not on Firefox? This is my 2nd biggest complaint about FF on the Mac, only surpassed by missing favicons in bookmarks. Chrome does both very well.

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What you do is you click on one of your bookmarks, then you click on the blue star which is on the right end of the URL box. That should open the menu that you're looking for.