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Firefox can't see comments from sites using disqus sytem unless I start in safe mode.

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TalkingPointsMemo and Anchorage Daily News changed to Disqus for their comments system. Suddenly I can't see the comments. I contacted TPM and enabled cookies and third party cookies, etc. per their tech person. Still doesn't work unless I start in safe mode. I was using Firefox 3.6 and tried uninstalling and going back to 3.5. Installed and uninstalled several programs, etc. Nothing works. It works in IE8 and Google Chrome so I cannot figure it out. Any clues?

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If it works when you are running in the Firefox SafeMode, one of your addons is probably causing that issue in the normal mode.


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I narrowed it down to the Ghostery extension. Go in its settings and remove Disqus from the "Bugs" list.

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Thanks a lot!

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Solved this on my PC by changing back network.http.sendRefererHeader to its default value of 2. Accessable via about:config


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On my system the conflict turned out to be the "HTTPS Everywhere" extension.

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I had this problem, so I came to this area and tried the suggestions. I disabled my add-ons, one by one. No dice. I unclicked Hardware Acceleration. No dice. I went to the default appearance theme. No dice. I went to Safe Mode, and it solved the problem. However, you don't want to stay in Safe Mode permanently, and when I went back to regular mode, the problem reappeared.

Finally, I lit a stick of dynamite, and reverted to the default Firefox, which zaps all the stuff you have added except for bookmarks and a very few other things. By the way, if you go that route, and it's not that hard to get back to normal afterwards, be sure and note which add-ons, themes, etc., you are now using if you want to reinstate them. Memory likely won't cut it.

Well, anyway, as I reinstated add-ons, I found the problem. It was the No-Script add-on. I had disabled it previously, but I had not deleted it. Apparently, deleting it did the trick. Disabling was not sufficient.

So, in my case at least, it was No-Script. Now I can see Disqus comments again.

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