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I can get on facebook but cant play my games why

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I just switched from IE to Firefox. I play games on Face Book but was having problems. Now with Firefox I can get on FB but my games wont load it keeps telling me to update flash but I already have. What am I missing or doing wrong?

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There are two different versions of Flash, the one for IE (ActiveX) and the plugin version that other browsers use. You need to install the plugin version.

1.Download the Flash setup file from here:
Adobe Flash - Plugin version.
Save it to your Desktop.

2. Close Firefox using File > Exit
then check the Task Manager > Processes tab to make sure firefox.exe is closed,
{XP: Ctrl+Alt+Del, Vista: Shift+Ctrl+ESC = Processes tab}

3. Then run the Flash setup file from your Desktop.

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Have you installed the Adobe flash plugin for Firefox ?

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I cant either and I have completely wiped out Mozilla using the Advanced system care uninstaller and then went back from13 to Mozilla 10 and wiped out my adobe using the adobe uninstaller exe and then rebooted my computer and still nothing, but works off and on on IE 8, this sucks!! do I have too now use Freaking ie 8? oh man say it isnt so!!