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html document inside iFrame does not reload when Firefox is refreshed

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When I have an html or similar document set as the src in an iframe, when firefox is refreshed, it does not reload the document, even though the contents of the document have changed.

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You're missing the three basics of a good web page:

  1. Parse Mode
  2. Doctype
  3. Character Encoding

Firefox does a better job when the page is presented in a Standards Compliance Mode, instead of Quirks Mode. - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quirks_Mode - You're putting Firefox in the position of having to guess how you expect the page to be displayed.

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The page loads just fine after the the iframe is refreshed, it just does not reload when the page is refreshed. Its a cache problem. Please don't criticise other peoples work. This is a bug in firefox, otherwise it wouldn't load correctly to start with.

There are tons of people complaining about this, and doing workarounds in Javascript.

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Does it work if you reload and bypass the cache via Ctrl+F5 or a via Shift + Reload ?

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No, but it does reload if you Right Click inside the iframe, and choose This Frame | Reload Frame, then it reloads. But customers don't know to do that.

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I continue to see people on forums etc complaining about this. One person has even listed the bug reference in Firefox. https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=356558

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it's work with reload button on firefox

but the point is delete your src="mypage.html" code from iframe then place it in body onload with this script. example :

I have <iframe name="myframe" width="100%" frameborder="no" height="1400px" scrolling="no" onload="return function_name();" src="mypage.html"> </iframe> Then i del the src="mypage.html" code.

in body segment i put this: <body onload = "parent.myframe.location='mypage.html'">

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And if you encounter problem using both javascript window.onload or html body onload, then try this :

try to put window.onload = yourcode; together with body unload.

i have the tool tip javascript on <head></head> which contain window.onload = initTip; but conflict with my onload iframe <body onload = "parent.myframe.location='mypage.html'">

my solution : delete that window.onload = initTip; from <head></head>, then put them into <body>.

<body onload = "initTip(); parent.myframe.location='mypage.html'">

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