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personalization of windows 7 messes with firefox

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I have personalized my windows 7 appearance (right click, personalization), and i have used high contrast white theme. after further personalizing this theme, it is my default theme. Now, using firefox, it takes some of these personalizations (such as 3d image colors, menu txt colors, etc...) and applies them to its window. This is not a problem, however it is clear that it messes with the appearance of my web pages as well, such as facebook, or even google. as a matter of fact, all web pages? is there a way that i can stop personalization of web pages and see them as they are? or a way to have firefox not detect my personalizations and apply them to itself? I love firefox, I love personalization, can i not combine the two? (note: applying a different persona does not relieve the problem, also: only basic or high contrast themes affect web page appearance, not the aero themes).

new find: I have solved my own problem, not firefox's however. I find that if i go to personalization, and use the windows classic theme. and personalize the windows classic theme to exactly how the high contrast white theme was personalized, no web pages are affected. This is quite the strange phenomena, two exact themes, beyond their initial theme base, differ in web page viewing? YOU CAN VIEW THIS YOURSELF: right click desktop, click high contrast white (make sure you saved ur previous theme so you don't lose any changes), and go to facebook using firefox, see difference. Log in, see the extreme difference.

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