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firefox 3.6.10 automatically redirects web pages to spam sites

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my firefox 3.6.10 often redirects a web site request to a spam site.

this occurs whenever i try to move from a web site that is on screen to another referred to from the on-screen page.

for example, a hospital web site says "click here to find a list of physicians," and the page goes to a spam site, some with a related subject .

your advice is much appreciated.

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This type of behaviour can be caused by malware. Try running several malware scanners. It is best to run several as each will pick up things that the others miss. Some scanners you can try are:

If the above malware scanners do not find any malware or can not clear it, you should consider posting in one of these forums for specialized malware removal help:

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In Firefox Tools, click add-ons, then extensions. Disable XULRunner, then let Firefox re-boot. It fixes the problem immediately. Not sure why, but I don't care. (I got this idea from another poster, so wanted to be sure to share it here.) Best wishes.

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I don't know why either -- but disabling the xul thingus cured it. the redirects have been driving me NUTS for months. 2-second fix. phhht.

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