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Why does my cursor continually snap to a screen corner every ten seconds or so?

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My cursor is unstable. Every ten seconds or so it will snap to one of the corners of my screen. Could it be a screen refresh? But hasn't happened while making this request. However does have problem with Newspapers, MS games, Java,Google search

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Does it happen when

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Only happens in Firefox browser.

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You've answered only one of my questions, I have to re-ask.

Does it happen when you launch Firefox in Diagnose Firefox issues using Troubleshoot Mode?

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Sorry. No, and it's not happening on this page either. This page is stable.

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I did not ask you to test the issue while the Diagnose Firefox issues using Troubleshoot Mode article is open.

I am asking you to actually follow the steps described there to troubleshoot the issue.

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Ok, tried safe mode - didn't happen. Back to normal mode - does happen with other pages other than this one. This page is stable, others are not. ie, newspapers, and my broker.

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Thx for your courtesy, well done. I'll give it a go and repost if I still have trouble.

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Good luck. If you find the faulty theme/extension, you can email its developer stating

  • Firefox version,
  • OS,
  • the add-on version,
  • issue description,

so that the developer fixes the issue.

P. S. If the troubleshooting is successful, hit the 'this answer solved this question' link, so that we eventually know that the problem was solved successfully!

Được chỉnh sửa bởi Svetlana vào

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Feedback on cursor problem. Disabled links one by one except Norton and Firefox - no effect. Disabled norton and, by mistake, firefox. Lost firefox. Loaded IE (first time in about five years). Downloaded FFBeta which was incompatable with Norton - lost all my logins. got rid of Beta. Downloaded 3.6, got all my stuff back and now only have Java and Norton add-ins. Browser now stable. A round-about way of solving problem, But,... :-). Thx Gryllida.