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The Navigator theme distorted up my Firefox layout

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Some months ago I downloaded the "Navigator" theme on Firefox. From then on, every time I opened the browser, many of my regularly used website became distorted. Text in the content and in form fields would be tiny and was too small, so that I had to use Cntl + to be able to read it, while also increasing the size of the page layout way too much! I have uninstalled and downloaded a new Firefox.exe, to no avail. I have disabled all the plugins and add-ons, and reset the default settings as instructed in your help suggestions for themes, plugins and extensions.

It is most aggravating, as a web producer, I use Firefox, Chrome, IE and Safari to test my sites. This bug distorts the integrity of a web page's design.

The theme I downloaded several months ago was named Navigator, I believe. Any help would be most welcomed. Now I"m back to using the default Firefox theme, but the problem persists.