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All webpage's style shows frame lines and boxes, why?

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Unicode character encoding, basic page style, auto detect character encoding off. Each web page has black lines or boxes next to or around the frames, boxes, or borders - like outlines of the page components. Google, for example, has a black line running across the top of the page underneath the header (the menu that's supposed to disappear when not selected) and the search bar has a double black line box around it. I can't figure out what this is or what it is called to research how to turn it off. I even uninstalled one version of the browser and reinstalled another, and the settings were simply imported so nothing was helped this way.

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Have you been using this profile folder with a Firefox 4.0 beta version?

If you have then it might be better to create a new profile for Firefox 3.6.10 if you reverted to Firefox 3.6.x or are still using both versions.

See also:

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Thanks for the prompt response, I guess I got sidetracked and just used a different browser until now. Thanks for the links. I didn't even know about profiles until now. Creating this "new" profile has only changed my bookmarks (which I see I can simply import) and everything about the pages loading/view is the same in this 3.6. Some webpages don't even have the correct color they should. Yes, I did try the 4.0 beta, that's when the problem started. I uninstalled that and reinstalled 3.6, even twice, and the problem has not gone away. I really don't get it. Mozilla has been my favorite browser but am forced to use a different one on this pc right now.

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Hi, Thanks, but no. I have Windows 7. I have already considered all of the setting before I posted the link, I was thinking it could have something to do with the info I included in the 1st post. Tried all of the suggestions in the links you included anyway, all of them were as they should be in the first place. It's the webpage frames that are all outlined in black, it's really weird.