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Firefox used to give me a menu when I saved a bookmark--where to file, etc.; now it saves (I think), but just to the endless bookmark list. What happened?

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I did do some due diligence, and asked the knowledgebase, but I admit I didn't poke around too long. Two or three upgrades ago, I was able to save bookmarks and a little menu (I want to say drop-down, but not) appeared, asking for tags, the precise placement of the new bookmark, and for me to edit the name. I'm sure that wasn't dropped, so why isn't the little menu showing up?

Also, the answer I did find said to click on the star, which autofills blue; clicking it a second time brings up the menu. Only, it doesn't.

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Thanks for the reply. I first tried disabling the ReminderFox add-on, and then carried on normally. Still no menu popping up on second hit of that blank star. That not working, closed and re-started Firefox, this time choosing disable all add-ons, and going for Safe Mode. Still not getting the menu the second click of the star thing.

I said in my original post that it was saving in the endless list, but I think not. It does seem to have a lot of blank folders there at the bottom. So unless these bookmarks are being saved in the middle somewhere, bookmarks are not being saved.

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I dabbled in this, but I think I need to sleep and try again tomorrow. No luck as yet. Thanks for the answers.

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Hi, cor-el. I now boast about 20 or 30 tabs in Firefox--until I figure this thing out! (Then I can properly save them in logical folders, assuming my resetting the 'browser.places' file doesn't lose all my bookmarks.)

I am finally alert enough to have looked into your suggested links--this is all Greek to me--and I discover that all my preferences under 'Browser.places' are Boolean, except for the one ending Bookmarksversion, which is integer (a value of 2), and that ending 'leftPaneFolderID,' which has -1. Does that sound correct? And the Boolean options all opt for 'false.'

I'm not clear on which to reset, and what will happen. Might I lose all my old bookmarks, before the problem occurred?

Thanks for your patience!

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Well, hell: I started in Safe Mode, hit reset all and start again and...voilá! All my 30 tabs are lost...not what I wanted. And I still can't save bookmarks.

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Okay--although I type this on Safari (where I could read to work on Safari), I have restored my ability to make bookmarks.



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It seems to work OK on my Linux Ubuntu setup but not on Windows, I have changed from the Xmarks system to the Firefox system but found I have to set different properties, the default browser screen is different so I can't sync everything or I have to use a common screen which isn't practical.

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Is your question related to Firefox Sync, or the inability to save a bookmark?

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I’m not sure if your problem is the same as the one I had when I updated Firefox, but my solution turned out to be relatively simple.

When you go to bookmark the page, you get a box that gives you three fields: ‘Name’, ‘Folder’, and ‘Tags’. The ‘Folder’ field is a drop-down option that brings up the most recently-used folders, and directly to the right of this drop-down button is an expansion arrow that gives more location options (‘Bookmarks toolbar’, ‘Bookmarks menu’, and ‘Unsorted bookmarks’).

The trouble is, the first time you use the expansion arrow you will not have any folders in the ‘Bookmarks menu’, which is where you want to start your folder library, so no subfolders are displayed, nor is the 'Bookmarks Menu' selected as a default. However, if you click on ‘Bookmarks menu’ to select it, and then on the ‘New folder’ button you can start adding folders to the library.

After this is done, all you need to do when bookmarking is to always click on the expansion arrow to the right of ‘Folder’ (unless the folder you want is in the most-recent list), and then on 'Bookmarks menu’ if that option is collapsed, and voila!, your folders should appear.

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