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When saving an html to my desk top it appears as IE; why?

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I click file to "save as" putting it's destination as desk top. The html link shows on my desk top as an Internet Explorer link not FF. Is this normal; it still opens as a FF web page.

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Sounds that IE is the default browser.

If you drag a link or favicon on the left end of the location bar onto the desktop to create an internet shortcut then that shortcut gets the icon of the default browser.

If you want a different icon (favicon) then you have to assign that icon yourself to the desktop shortcut (right-click: Properties).

You can usually get the favicon if you append "favicon.ico" to the main domain of a website (e.g. http://www.mozilla.com/favicon.ico ) to display the favicon in a tab and save that image to a folder or see if you can find it in "Tools > Page Info > Media".

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Hi cor-el, Many thanks for your prompt reply. Strangely I’ve used Firefox as my default browser for many years now and of course was immediately prompted to check all the default settings accordingly; even those of Thunderbird. Nothing seems amiss hence my appeal for information. I have followed your advice and look forward to an end to the problem. Once again, thank you. Penangry.