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How do I get a web address to display in hyperlink format when typing it into an email?

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When I type a web address in email (hotmail) it does not go into hyperlink format for either my draft or the recipient (but does do this automatically when I open hotmail with IE)

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You need to select that link and click the button with the chain in the Hotmail editor to create a live hyperlink. You can hover each toolbar button to see what it does.

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Thanks for the helpful work-around...Is this the only way to get a hyperlink in an email (same hotmail or yahoo) when using firefox? When I use IE, I can just copy (ctrl-c) and paste (ctrl-v) in hyperlinks without having to use the chain button.

I find this much easier than using the chain button and was hoping there was some sort of setting I could adjust with firefox so that my paste ins appeared as hyperlinks.