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Use of "page redirect" / "reload" - Options

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In the TOOLS - OPTIONS - ADVANCED - ACCESSIBILITY is an option to check, or uncheck, whether or not to be notified when Firefox detects a page reload/redirect. When this option is checked, all reloads/redirects (for the most part) are flagged and the user needs to either ALLOW or cancel the notification (bar). When ALLOW is selected the user is usually connected with the page / site desired. Some, but not all, pages/cites, when ALLOW is selected, the Firefox notification bar continues to reappear. I would like to suggest that 1) when ALLOW is selected that the page/web site is automatically added to a list (exception) such that the notification is no longer flagged for that page/web site. Or 2) in the TOOLS - OPTIONS - ADVANCED - ACCESSIBILITY that an "EXCLUDE" or "EXCEPTIONS" option be added to allow the user to manually add any page/web site to this list. This exclude/exceptions list would allow the option of notifying the user when a reload/redirect is detected only those pages/web sites that have not been added to the exceptions list thus allowing for better security rather than a blanket "allow all" or "notify" on all reloads/redirects. And the user may make a decision as to whether or not to add a particular page/site to the exceptions list. Firefox does exceptions lists for other options such as POP-UPS, LOAD IMAGES, COOKIE management, and installing of add-ons notification. So ... why not the same for page/web site reloads/redirects? Just a thought. Thanks for listening.

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Post your suggestion at the following address. You will not get a response, but your suggestion will be seen by the Firefox developers. http://hendrix.mozilla.org/

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more options

Thanks for the response (postings). I have submitted my suggestion to the link provided. As for the addon ... let's see. I will check it out and see if the addon is what I want. Again ... thanks.