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I am trying to install current Firefox 3.6, as I am currently running an older Firefox on my Windows ME, but I keep getting this error message: "Setup has caused an error in SETUP.EXE Setup will now close."--Please help?

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I have downloaded all IP changer Privacy software I have purchased and am trying to install it, and although it is made to work with WindowsME that I am currently using on my computer, it now says it requires Firefox 3 or above to be able to install the software. Therefore, I am trying to update my Firefox to current 3.6 but once Firefox 3.6 downloads it doesn't install. Instead I just keep getting the same error message: Setup has caused an error in SETUP.EXE. Set up will now close. Several times, I have also tried restarting the computer as the error message also recommended But I just still keep getting the same error message when I try to update/install Firefox 3.5. Please help/advise on how I can fix this problem. Many thanks in advance!

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Firefox 3+ requires Windows 2000 or higher. There are no builds for Windows 98/ME. If you want a secure browser for that OS Opera is a decent choice.

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Firefox is the last ever version of Firefox for Win98 / SE / ME.

You can get it from here, but you are better off using K-Meleon (derived from Firefox) or Opera instead an old version of Firefox: ftp://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/firefox/rel.../en-US/

You can try KernelEx to get Firefox 3+ to work, but it would be very slow with an old PC of less than 750Mhz. 3.5 and later supposedly doesn't work.