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Help please I have firefox 2.0 on macosx 10.2.8, cant't install flash 9

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I need to use an old mac running os x 10.2.8. I need to run a decent browser so firefox. I installed version 2.0 as it appeared ok. I need at least flash 9 but all attempts to install have failed. Can anyone guide me please? My knowledge of macs is old and from a VERY long time ago ;-)

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I found this download link on this Adobe page. I get a dmg that mounts and displays two files that need to be dragged to /Library/Internet Plug-Ins to be installed. The mounted dmg has aliases to that folder so it looks pretty easy to just drag and drop the files.

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Thanks for the info. Tried but to no avail. Also tried installing flash and reinstalling firefox which gave a different problem in that it appeared i didnt haveany flash installed at all. I tested this by going to the adobe site and using their flash version test...according to them I have no flash whatsoever ;-) I have also tried going down in firefox version to 1.0.7. I did this as even though i have heard and read that version 2.0 is ok for 10.2.8 I have also seen elsewhere that it shouldnt work. Im a bit confused and dazed so will try a few experiments over the next few days. But if you have any other thoughts I would be obliged as I will be stuck with this platform for a while.

Thanks again