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ssl error

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Hello, I'm working on Swisscom (swiss ISP). we have a problem when customer try to connect to our Wifi-hotspot(PWLAN). the server send a certificate during the login of the customer, and an error appear only on Firefox ( since 3.6 version, but probably before too... I try with the 3.6.8 too, but same problem appear), when using Win Xp / 7 . the error is :

swisscom.122.2o7.net:443 using a bad / non valide security certificate the certificate apply only for www.pwlan-swisscom-mobile.com error code : ssl_error_bad_cert_domain

After the reception of the error, it's still possible to have a successful connection to our PWLAN, but this is a bad error for us, because the customer believe that he try to connect on a fake PWLAN server. I take some information about this kind of problem, but it's seams not to be a bad redirection/domain name ( as explicated on your web support), because we are using different URL and a DNS server work for that. We don't know why the error is related with this URL : "2o7.net", is FF use/add third party cookie in this case ? We have different PWLAN platform(test,production,...), but the error only appear on our new plateform which use a new certificate. Then, after a successful connection, the cookie are OK on FF, and the customer don't see anymore error message... I can give you more information, and different logs, and certificate.