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My custom persona does not work with personas plus. It does not show even after I've checked the box "show custom persona in menu.

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I had an older version of Personas and upgraded to Personas Plus 1.5.3. My custom persona no longer works! I've tried many time to try to get it to remain in my browser. It doesn't show up in the menu after I have checked the box with show custom persona in menu and yes, I do know how to create a Persona of my own. I have the png images done correctly and the right size width and name of the Persona. Nothing! Right now I have a Persona that I myself designed a while back and chose to "wear it" on my Computer. I also did a search online and have noted other users are having problems as well. I am enjoying using Personas I also wanted to add. :-)

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I figured out how to fix it! YAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!

ok, i had a similar problem. i created a custom persona, it showed up in the persona thingy at the bottom left of the screen, but it wouldn't apply. ok, so this is how i fixed it.

1. go to start>all programs>Accessories>Run

2. type in %APPDATA% in the run box.

3. a windows folder will open up. go to mozilla>firefox>profiles> there should be something with a lot of numbers and letters with .default at the end.

4. close firefox.

5. delete (or rename) the files "xpti.dat" "compreg.dat" "extensions.ini" "extensions.cache", "extensions.rdf" and "pluginreg.dat" from your original Firefox profile folder.

   * delete (or rename) the files "mimeTypes.rdf", cookies.txt and/or "cookies.sqlite", hostperm.1 and/or "permissions.sqlite", and "localstore.rdf" from your original Firefox profile folder. 
   * Delete (or rename) the files "prefs.js" and (if present) "user.js" from your original Firefox profile folder.
   * Remove the "extensions" folder and the "chrome" folder (if present) from your original Firefox profile folder.

6. everything will go back to default. you'll have to log in again to all the sites that remembered your password.

7. go to mozilla.com and reinstall the persona plus thing.

8. click on the fox in the bottom left corner, click preferences, check the box that says show custom personas in menu, click ok, click on the fox head again, go to custom edit, load the images, click ok,


I hope this works for you guys, it worked for me.

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You may only need to delete (or rename) the files "prefs.js" and (if present) "user.js" from your original Firefox profile folder.