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Open .log files using a particular application in Firefox?

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Hi All,

Our company has decided to move on to IE8 from the big'ol trustworthy IE6. I have had problems with IE8, so want to try Firefox before accepting IE8 is the way to go for my team. (Also, I guess IE8 cannot be uninstalled or we cannot go back to IE6. So I want to install IE8 only when absolutely necessary.) I have a question regarding this.

The most important reason why browsers are important to us is that we post log files in the morning. It makes our job easier when we have one location to view all the logs first thing in the morning. So we have a html page with links to the relevant log files.

IE6 has been very kind in this aspect. If I set .log files to open with a particular application on Windows, then when I open the same filetype on IE6 it opens up on the same application. For example let us say I set the file to always open up with an application 'xyz' on Windows. Now when I open it on IE6 it opens up in xyz.

Is this possible in Firefox? If yes, how?

I have an application that adds symbols for No errors, errors and warnings. I have set my log files to open up in this app on Windows. But, as far as I have tried, my log files open up as text file every time on Firefox. With this app I only need to read the logs if I see a symbol for Warning or Error. So with this in mind debugging a log file as text is a PITA. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks, Madan

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The webservers hosting the log files will probably need to use a unique Content-type HTTP header for those log files, like text/log instead of just text/plain which is too generic, as that is how Firefox stores how files are opened, so doing this will allow you to set the correct action.