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Firefox crashes when i try to open any new page or suddently it crashes itself without doing any action.

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Firefox in my system gets suddenly crashes when i was trying to open any new link or site or sometimes itself suddenly gets crashed without performing any action on it. sometime times it will be crashing continuously. after restarting the system it again starts working until and unless it will not work.

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This looks like a libimg crash. First thing I would try is a Clean Install then if that doesn't work try creating a new profile by going to Profile Manager - Create, remove or switch Firefox profiles.

If neither of those work , please post back newer crash IDs


Here are the steps to perform a Clean Install.

Close Firefox completely. (File->Exit on Windows/Linux, Firefox->Quit on Mac)

Rename the Firefox installation folder or move it elsewhere.

  • Windows: This is usually C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox. "Mozilla Firefox" can be renamed to "Old Firefox"
  • Mac: This is usually Macintosh HD/Applications/Firefox.app. Macintosh HD/Applications can be opened in Finder, and Firefox can be dragged to Trash.
  • Linux: The install location varies based on distribution and installation method. Linux distributions usually don't put Firefox in its own folder, so this method can't be used.

Download Firefox again from www.mozilla.com and install.

If this fixes the problem, you can optionally check the old install folder for global extensions, components, or corrupt/locked files.

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I have same problem... I tried a lot.... I have changed the Processor,Motherboard and even HDD... I works for 2 hours perfectly...but after that it starts crashing...continuously...

Được chỉnh sửa bởi nilesh1foru vào